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About AIT – Advanced Integrated Technologies

 AIT – Advanced Integrated Technologies –, a security systems integrator based in Dubai, to extend the business scope to cover the Middle East and North Africa AIT is much more than a product distributor; it is the state-of- the- art integrator committed to providing cost effective yet leading edge-security, access control and time and attendance solutions. AIT is based on the premise that traditional security is simply not enough for our present times. The flaws of keys, cards and pin codes for the access control have been known for a long time. Keys and cards can be lent, lost, copied or stolen while pin codes can be overseen or forgotten, what is worst, however is that it may take days until security breach is known.


AIT is committed to provide lean contracting services focused on security and systems integration, leading to security, safety, reliability, and quality at the right price. AIT mission is to become a highly competitive Business partner of integrated in-door services, locally and internationally, satisfying the needs of Clients seeking international standards and Commitment to time and quality. AIT aims at creating an organization with culture that cares for employees, promotes there Performance and makes them feel Different and proud.


To be " the best but not necessary the largest" To be on leading edge of the Security Industry in the region by continuously developing and executing our core competencies on the highest level of standards.

Our Core Values

In performing These Missions, AIT adhere to these core values;

  • Fairness and Honesty
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership and guidance
  • Quality and integrity

Who We Are

In the 21st century, globalization has created enormous pressure on both corporate and public sector in terms of market reform and privatization, which have resulted in short to medium term contracting and engineering and business. Major engineering and construction projects are increasingly more complex and demanding, sourcing technology solution from numerous locations around the world. By having the wright professional resources on the ground at the right time and price, AIT serves its clients to ensure stand quality requirements and time on-time delivery are met. AIT is the acronym for ADVANCED INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES,